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Brojevi u engleskom jeziku - Vežbanja

I Napišite brojeve koje vidite na slici:

II Dopišite slovima brojeve koji su izostavljeni u rečenicama:


  1. I had ___________ (3) coffees today.
  2. I need __________ (1) kilo of flour and ____________ (500) grams of chocolate for the cake.
    And since it’s Jane’s _____________ (16th) birthday we need to buy ___________ (16) candles.
  3. We will meet at ____________ (8) tonight.
  4. I’ll be back in _____________ (15) minutes.
  5. _____________ (986) tickets are sold for tonight’s premier, so there are only few left.
  6. A group of __________ (12) teenagers demolished the playground near the school.
  7. This book has ___________ (314) pages.
  8. It was the year __________ (2000) when they ________ (1st) met.
  9. July is the ___________ (7th) month of the year.
  10. We’re organizing a school trip for ___________ (48) children and ___________ (5)
    teachers from our school.

III Povežite osnovne i redne brojeve:

five                                            third
three                                         first
twenty                                       fifth
fourteen                                     eighteenth
sixty                                         second
eighteen                                    twentieth
one                                           fourteenth
nine                                          forty-fifth
two                                           ninth
forty-five                                    sixtieth

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