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Pasiv u engleskom jeziku 2 - Vežbanja

I Prepisati rečenice iz aktivnog u pasivni oblik:

1. They told me she had left.
2. Someone helped him escape.
3. The police didn't believe her.
4. They will tell you the truth.
5. He has asked us to do him a favour.

II Dopisati ponuđene glagole u pasivnom obliku:

1. When I got to my cafe in the morning I realized I ____________ (rob). Luckily nothing ____________ (steal) and nobody ____________ (hurt). The only thing that ____________ (steal) was the money from the register.

2. I get up at seven every morning. By the time I get up, the breakfast _____ already ____________ (serve). The newspapers ____________ (deliver) at six. 

3. London ____________ (visit) by millions of people this year. Billions of dollars ____________ (spend) by tourists. Some buildings are under reconstruction but all of the works ____________ (finish) by the end of May.

III Prepisati rečenice iz aktivnog u pasivni oblik:

1. I can answer the question.
2. They must fill in the form.
3. You shouldn’t help her.
4. He couldn’t open the window.
5. Jeremy couldn’t lock the door on his way out.
6. We need to buy some juice.

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Slična vežbanja:
Pasiv u engleskom jeziku - Vežbanja


+6 #2 Mikica02 19-12-2015 20:48
Само користш правило:
Present Simple-AM/ARE/I S+Past Particip
Past Simple-Was/Were +Past Particip
Pretsen Perfect-Have BEEN/Has BEEN Past Particip
Future Simple-Will BE+Past Particip
Past Perfect-Had BEEN+Past Particip
Pretsen Continiurs-AM/A RE/IS BEING+Past Particip
Past Continiurs-Was/ Were BEING+Past Particip
Modal Verbs:
(can)-Can BE+Past Particip
(must)-Must BE+Past Particip
(should)-Should BE+Past Particip

ТО ЈЕ ТО!!!!
0 #1 Dzemil 24-06-2014 14:07
Da li moze neko da mi malo vise objasni svojim recima pravila pretvaranja kod iz aktivnog u pasivni oblik kod prvog vezbanja?A.S.A.P

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