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Past Simple Vs. Present Perfect - Vežbanja

I Izaberite vreme koje ćete upotrebiti u rečenici: 

1. I / be / in France / two times
2. She / start / working here / in 2008
3. The first settlers / come / here / 300 years ago
4. His band / publish / two albums / so far
5. Emily / buy / four pairs of shoes / this month
6. Jack / not attend / the board meeting / yesterday.

II Dopišite izostavljene glagole iz teksta. Upotrebite vremena Past Simple i Present Perfect:

Emily: ________ you ever ________ (be) late for work?

Matt: Yes, I ________ once. It ________ (happen) two months ago. I ________ (go) out the night before with some old friends, I ________ (fall) asleep late, and I ________ (not, hear) the alarm in the morning.

Emily: ________ (be) there any problems?

Matt: No, there ________ (be).

Emily: And how long ________ you ________ (work) here?

Matt: I ________ (work) for five years now. I ________ (start) working here in October, 2007.

III Povežite delove rečenica:

1. We have lived here                                                  ___ on skiing last Sunday.
2. I have seen this movie                                             ___ Chinese food.
3. She published here first novel                                   ___ when they were in Spain.
4. He has never eaten                                                  ___ since 2003.
5. Nick hasn’t done                                                     ___ three times before.
6. They arrived late                                                      ___ last night.
7. Tom hurt his foot                                                     ___ in 2008.
8. Jenny and Sam stayed in a nice hotel                      ___ his homework yet.



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